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  • Creating an Xslt macro in Umbraco

    In this blog post I will explain how to create a custom macro in Umbraco. I will do this by making a XSLT macro that shows a list of all blog items but only the first paragraph of each item.

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About Me

I'm a web application developer specializing in asp.net. I have skills in asp.net, C#, html5, javascript, asp.net mvc, design patterns and more.

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Random background module

This module for Orchard CMS lets you upload a list of images. For every page it chooses one randomly and sets it a the background image.

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The Monack Framework

This open source framework makes it easy to build and develiver custom web applications. Unfortunately I can't spent much time on it so it is still work in progress. 

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Project page at CodePlex


Since I decided to create this website in Orchard and didn't know anything about
it when I started, I also post my experiences with this CMS.