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  • Using Moq in a Visual Studio Test Project

    In this article I will describe how to use the MOQ library in a basic test project in Visual studio 2012. Visual Studio provides a plain and simple way to make unit tests, but you cannot simply mock objects. Adding the Moq library makes live easier when you are building unit tests.

    willem | Jul 28 2013 5:53 PM| 13 Comments | more...
  • MonackFr project published on CodePlex

    Last week I published The Monack Framework project to CodePlex. For now the code is just the core structure for managing the modules, the graphical interface is just functional.

    willem | Jul 22 2013 10:57 PM| No Comments | more...
  • Generic plugin loader with MEF

    Since The Monack Framework will be extendable with modules, I have been looking for an easy way to load assemblies and implement their interfaces. For this I found the Managed Extensibility Framework, also called MEF.

    willem | Jun 9 2013 9:13 PM| 1 Comment | more...
  • The Monack Framework

    MonackFr will be an open source framework to make developing web applications easier. By developing new or combining existing modules you will be able to create tailor made web software. Easy to use for end users and easy to maintain for system administrators.

    willem | Nov 5 2012 5:10 PM| No Comments | more...

About Me

I'm a web application developer specializing in asp.net. I have skills in asp.net, C#, html5, javascript, asp.net mvc, design patterns and more.

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Random background module

This module for Orchard CMS lets you upload a list of images. For every page it chooses one randomly and sets it a the background image.

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The Monack Framework

This open source framework makes it easy to build and develiver custom web applications. Unfortunately I can't spent much time on it so it is still work in progress. 

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Project page at CodePlex


Since I decided to create this website in Orchard and didn't know anything about
it when I started, I also post my experiences with this CMS.